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Regent Park Community Food Centre

b.good has always focused on the people side of delivering great food to our customers. Whether it is celebrating the real food stories of our farm and producer partners, or involving customers in the communities that we serve through our community partnerships. b.good truly stands for “Food Made by People, not Factories”.

Prior to opening b.good, located at 100 Front St East in Toronto, we had the good fortune to meet Nick Saul, the President and CEO of Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC), early on in our quest to bring b.good to Canada.  While breaking bread with Nick, he took the time to educate us about the innovative approach that CFCC has developed around using the power of good food to build healthy, hopeful, and connected communities, which lead us to meet Regent Park Community Food Centres who partners with CFCC.

Regent Park Community Food Centres strives to create access to healthy food for low-income Canadians. They offer a range of programs including community meals, community advocacy, food skills, community gardens, park coordination, and run a festival called taste of Regent Park. We are very excited that we have partnered with Regent Park (

In our first year of community partnership with the Regent Park CFC, and through the generosity of our b.good family, we have been able to participate in their festival, Taste of Regent Park, serving 250 people real food out of our food truck. We have also been able to contribute donations to help fund some of these incredible programs. We look forward to growing this program with Regent Park over time, and are thrilled to be able to allow our customers to support such a real and impactful program.

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