Kerr Street Mission

b.good has always focused on the people side of delivering great food to our customers.  Whether it is celebrating the real food stories of our farm and producer partners, or involving customers in the communities that we serve by allowing them to “gift” the food gifts that they get from us from time to time to local community organizations. b.good truly stands for “Food Made by People, not Factories”.

Prior to opening the 487 Cornwall Road store in Oakville, we had the good fortune to meet with Gary O’Neill, the Executive Director of the Kerr Street Mission (  We learned first hand about the work that KSM does in Oakville. KSM helps both helping low-income and at-risk families and youth with immediate food support needs. They do this through both the food bank operation and the community meal program. Through its after school program, KSM strives to impact the lives of youth in the community in order to hopefully give them a better chance to break the cycle of poverty.

A group of b.good employees had the privilege to prepare and serve one of the community meals this summer at KSM.  We saw how the food support efforts were delivered in a “real” human fashion.  All the efforts with the community meals and the food bank at KSM were delivered in an environment of love and respect making it feel like a Family meal, which is what b.good strives to do in the restaurants as well.

In working with the team at KSM, we were able to identify a tangible and ongoing way for b.good to partner with and support their efforts.  Through the generosity of our customers during KSM focused events at the restaurant we have been able to work to solve a real need for KSM.  We are now able to provide a weekly delivery of fresh produce to KSM every Wednesday.  The consistency of having fresh produce is allowing the clients of KSM to introduce these foods to their family diet, knowing that if it is enjoyed it will be available to them again in the coming week.  We look forward to growing this program with KSM over time, and are thrilled to be able to allow our customers to support such a real, tangible, and impactful program for the Oakville community.
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