Gred Ice Cream Maker

This is Alice.
AliceAlice has been part of the team making cheese at Bright Cheese & Butter for the past 17 years.

As the longest tenured employee of this 142 year old Bright, ON based cheese producer, Alice has done most every job that there is to do at Bright. As she says “I like the work. It can be hard at times, but I like making cheese for my neighbours and my family”.

Bright Cheese and Butter is Ontario’s oldest cheddar cheese producer, and you can taste this legacy in the all-natural cheese that we get from them. This naturally aged cheddar is made only with whole milk, sourced straight from Bright’s neighbouring local farms.

As we walked through Bright Cheese & Butter, watching the team make fresh curd on a Monday morning, what we heard over and over was the employees speaking of their pride in the “quality and tradition” of Bright Cheddar Cheese and what it means to them to bring this quality product to their “neighbours & families”. We are just as proud to bring this cheddar to you, our b.good Family.

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